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Friday was my interview at St. Georges in London. I started out with great confidence and got there in plenty of time.  I sat in the cafe drinking coffee and checking over all my paperwork whilst watching other interview candidates arrive and line up on chairs just outside the cafe windows.

Surveying the competition I was surprised to note that many did not appear to have brought the requested paperwork and hoped, somewhat selfishly, that this would go in my favour! I critically sized up my competitors but to be fair most looked reasonably smart and aside from a lack of paperwork what else could I tell from just looking?

Eventually we were all taken through to the interview area to await our turn. This was an opportunity to get chatting and see who was who. We also learnt that they had received a record number of applications – 600 for only 21 places. Stiff competition by anyone’s standard. So to even get as far as interview was pretty good going.

Out of our cohort of 20 then, only 2 would likely get a place. Having walked in with confidence, these figures were somewhat unnerving. From what I could glean through polite small talk, the group was pretty mixed. In terms of academics I would appear to be at a disadvantage. Being home educated I have none of the GCSEs or A levels that others in the room had.

Having said that, in terms of specific training and experienced I think I had more if not the most in the room. How much this will count for I don’t know. There were a couple of emergency responders but there were relatively new to it. I am only just about to be interviewed for emergency response work but I have been active with the Red Cross for over a year and also regular working at a hospice and cardiac rehab group.

Must dash……to be continued

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